Saturday, June 2, 2012

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 Bisphenol-A in dental fillings + Sealants 

Till receipts contain high levels of cancer chemical Bisphenol

Asthma attacks triggered by plastics 

Sunscreens may be accelerating cancers 

Researchers discover papaya is effective against breast, pancreas and other cancers
Petroleum  products in our shampoo + soaps: called Sodium laureth sulfate

32 million Pakistan kids undergo "forced" vaccinations
Food in the U.S. Is Still Tainted with Chemicals That Were Banned Decades Ago

POPE blesses Glaxo Smith Kline...... wtf?

Green Tea may battle Leukemia

Gov spokespeople call "vaccine reactions" just a coincidence

Glaxo Smith Kline profits skyrocket on swine flu sales

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  1. I received one of this too.
    I forgot to document it. They asked if I agreed with that... lol