Saturday, June 2, 2012

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 Bisphenol-A in dental fillings + Sealants 

Till receipts contain high levels of cancer chemical Bisphenol

Asthma attacks triggered by plastics 

Sunscreens may be accelerating cancers 

Researchers discover papaya is effective against breast, pancreas and other cancers
Petroleum  products in our shampoo + soaps: called Sodium laureth sulfate

32 million Pakistan kids undergo "forced" vaccinations
Food in the U.S. Is Still Tainted with Chemicals That Were Banned Decades Ago

POPE blesses Glaxo Smith Kline...... wtf?

Green Tea may battle Leukemia

Gov spokespeople call "vaccine reactions" just a coincidence

Glaxo Smith Kline profits skyrocket on swine flu sales

Zio free Chat welcomes MOONDOG

Long time researcher and legendary chatter Moondog visited the Zionist Free ChatZone..

Great to see such a great man in our room  :) Please check out his favorite archived NEWS website here...

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Extra Special Links for this week:

Congress Members who have spent half a lifetime in CONGRESS

The Bath Salts Cannibal from Florida **WARNING** this is GROSS

The Nazi-Zionist medal story

Nazi Medal - Star of David commemoration .jpg

The Hitler Letter – Part 2 « God Experts 

The Clown Priests who broke into a NUKE facility

Iran attacked by powerful new computer virus, says internet security firm 

 Palestinians welcome  dead bodies finally  - Israel News calls them terrorists..

Obama Twice Mistakenly Mentions 'My Sons' | Before It's News

Jesus Christ: Time Traveler? | Before It's News

Nephilim70 links and Soundbites from 2007 

Index of /Fake WEB Sites  that LOOK REAL

StopFundingIsrael - Gallery of ANTI israel Worldwide protests 


The Power Behind the New World Order (Full Documentary) - YouTube


120+ French troops captured In Syria after surrendering - YouTube
Inside Britain's Israel Lobby - YouTube

David Icke - Secrets Of The Matrix [Part 1] - Full Version - YouTube  

David Icke - Secrets Of The Matrix [Part 2] - Full Version - YouTube

David Icke - Secrets Of The Matrix [Part 3] - Full Version - YouTube

Record Breaking Numbers

On our 5th day of running 24/7 we have finally smashed records and made it to the top of Human Rights without any infestation from the haters.  Well done to all REGULARS, new room guests and Admins whom made this possible... Bless u all (Y)

-Steve J.

zionists tos violation 1

Here we have the latest message of hate and Paltalk violation of  terms of service from a user that says all muslims are "on a terrorist watchlist" and quite happily states publically states in a public room that he/she " support(s) jews and palestinians to kill each other" .... Ask yourself if an israeli jew would ever say this OR AN AMERICAN ZIONIST that cares nothing for anyone in the middle east.... Obviously someone who cares for neither jew or arab.

These are the ashkenazi atheists that infest in massive numbers paltalk and under their non existent governing by the likes of Gary and Boaz Frankel have run amok for ages in the Social issues section(s).  Though most people already have experienced this type of vile sentiment and crass low grade insults... the really surprising aspect is the nickname:  flower4all.  ( YEAH RIGHT...) What an ironically vile filthy mind these zionists actually have...

What is also noteworthy is the lies and defamation claiming our fine room calls for genocide of  jews when in fact our very specific rules we have ask that NO RELIGION BASHING on any religion. No Jew bashing No Muslim Bashing or Christian Bashing. This is a typical example of outrageous lies as we have many very fine jewish people as regulars who love our no-nonsense policy of zero tolerance for haters like this.

Just another Room Troll that the Admins have to deal with everyday.... So typical.

Friday, June 1, 2012

itdoesntgrowontrees - ATTACK DOGS

Even more fun and games as ItDoesntGrowOnTrees slags the room off and then cries that he loves the room and was "misunderstood". This is despite this recording where he admits on the mic. in the muslim hate room: .... "too many fuckin muzzies in nephs room...." . Well yes there are. Many muslims worldwide are waking up to the agenda of zionist control, indeed many people OF ALL FAITHS including Jews, Hindus and Christians are realising this fact. This image BELOW Here shows the bare two faced Zionist attitude of abuse- abuse -abuse... Wonder NO MORE why we have 210 of these chuckleheads banned from the room... Just look and see for yourself the nature of  these brainless EDL nazi boneheads :-D hahahahahahaha

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Zio Free Chat Zone

The amount of clowns doing their best to disrupt just gets more and more amusing... Heres the best one yet. Its typical is the same old same old sillyness from these paranoid freaks. However very worthy of posting to show what desperate nonsense they are sinking into.
I mean C'mon.... can someone please explain if we are a govt front... Why I cant find anyone to work the nightshift @ADMIN? Is the Cass Sunstein infiltration unit that cash-strapped? I dont think so.. :D hahahahahahaha