Friday, June 1, 2012

itdoesntgrowontrees - ATTACK DOGS

Even more fun and games as ItDoesntGrowOnTrees slags the room off and then cries that he loves the room and was "misunderstood". This is despite this recording where he admits on the mic. in the muslim hate room: .... "too many fuckin muzzies in nephs room...." . Well yes there are. Many muslims worldwide are waking up to the agenda of zionist control, indeed many people OF ALL FAITHS including Jews, Hindus and Christians are realising this fact. This image BELOW Here shows the bare two faced Zionist attitude of abuse- abuse -abuse... Wonder NO MORE why we have 210 of these chuckleheads banned from the room... Just look and see for yourself the nature of  these brainless EDL nazi boneheads :-D hahahahahahaha

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  1. Hello people OzBoy1717 here, not defending Nephilm but, remember what the joker sending these message to Nephlim we dont even know from a Bar Of Soap, he came into the room and was Bounced because he supports Israel the Zionist Nazi - Fascist State, as for ItGrowsontrees, sorry to say and without swearing, ha, ha, ha, ha, stop Laughing OzBoy saying something without swearing yeah ! But Nephlim was asleep the other night and that person in question was an admin, Nephlim woke up and took a look to see what was happening and hears this Itgrowsontrees guy saying Oh i am going to shut the room ah, everybody come over to my room ah, come on Nephlim said its alright come to my room and we will talk there.
    So in other words this Irish Tosser is nothing but a back stabbing Irish Twat, he cant be trusted, he slags everybody off behind their back including The Wake Up Project Room.
    What a Tosser and Twat, talk about a big head? Not the little head on his cock thinks he is somebody important and interesting.
    Dear Irish Twat Tosser Cross Dresser Itgrowsontrees you are so boring people tell us your Cat jumps the fence because you bore it to tears, the dog rang away from home with Miss Pudding next door you were so boring, and twittie bird budgie flew the coop last week, never to be seen again, if your animals run away from home like that, how long do you think 1-2-3-4-5 or 30 people will stay to hear you spout garbage?
    So away small dick Twat Itgrowsontrees you take the cake on Pal Talk for the most dumbest Irish Tosser Twat we have all hear to date.